Gob Smacked

This diver was well chuffed with the mornings dive on the Brummer.

James Barrie, Bow

This steam trawler ran aground in 1969 and is now a fantastic wreck to explore.

Macro Hydroid

With the large wrecks of Scapa it is sometimes easy to forget taking in the little things.

’puter Confusion

Customers can easily kit up on the large benches on the Halton that have kit crates beneath for convenience.

Sea Beard

The Scapa wrecks are festooned with hydroids like this Sea Beard

Cöln Stern Anchor

The stern anchor rest on the seabed remains attached to the chain in the stern anchor locker.

Call it 52%

Diver returning to Halton via lift after deco dive on the Kronprinz Wilhelm.