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The future is very unclear at the moment so making plans two years hence feels precarious. However, without a framework in the diary, opportunities get lost so a tentative outline is offered below.

The Clasina will take on the charters and the Halton enjoy retirement. The ambition is to push the limits with the new boat and try and open up new areas to diving. With this is mind, if you have any ideas, please feel free to get in touch.

24/05/21 Update. I am taking a note of interest and reserving weeks for folk that want to make a booking. However, I will save chasing deposits until the Autumn when the future is slightly clearer. Hopefully folk can make plans without risking losing money to any changes that are yet to come.

2022 Diary

Week noDateSpacesLocation
last diary update: 24/05/21

13/141st/2nd/3rd/4th April8 SpacesSoM
14/159th/10th April12 SpacesSoM
2917th - 22nd JulyIndividual spacesNorway
3024th - 29th July12 SpacesNorway
3528th - 2nd September12 SpacesScapa
3925th - 30th September12 SpacesScapa
402nd - 7th October12 SpacesScapa
419th - 14th October12 SpacesScapa
4216th - 21st October12 SpacesScapa
4323rd - 28th October12 SpacesScapa
4430th - 4th November12 SpacesScapa
456th - 11th November12 SpacesScapa
4613th - 18th November12 SpacesScapa half Hundred
4720th - 25th November12 SpacesScapa

The bare bones of the schedule are laid out but far from cast in stone. If there is something you fancy, drop me a line..


You may book individually or as a group. A full boat charter for all 12 spaces is eligible for a 10% discount on receipt of 12 deposits.

2022 Prices  
2022 prices are yet to be confirmed.
Oxygen£0.025per litre
Helium£0.07per litre

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