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At the moment the boat and its crew are self isolating in line with government guidelines. As soon as these restrictions are lifted, we look forward to welcoming you aboard.

Inline with advice to the travel sector Halton Charters are only able and will only make decisions based on what the current government advice is at the time. It is not possible to predict what the situation will be in the near future: trips remain as scheduled until such time that we receive confirmation or instruction that they cannot go ahead.

The diary was full before the present lockdown but that will change as the Government announces measures to ease Covid 19 restrictions. As the picture becomes clearer, I will post updates here.

2020 Diary

Week noDateSpacesLocation
last diary update: 22/06/20

At the start of the year, the diary was full which is why there are no spaces listed here.

At the moment everything is on hold pending the release from lockdown and the resumption of diving. At this point I am guessing there will be a load of places come up that cannot be foreseen now. Please be patient and keep an eye on this page, it will be updated as often as I can.

In addition, I have a “reserve” list of folk who are interested in dates. It is worth dropping me a line and I can keep you in the loop.


Scapa Flow/Sound of Mull
Per head, catered live aboard£135per diving day
£800per week
Full charter (12 pax), catered live aboard£1350per diving day
£8000per week
Full charter (12 pax), catered live aboard£15 000per week
Oxygen£0.025per litre
Helium£0.07per litre

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