2020 Booking


04/10/20 The Clasina is now working her way through the autumn Scapa Flow season. The water is still warm, the vis is clearing and the German Fleet awaits!

At the moment weeks are becoming free due to divers from the continent being unable to travel without a quarantine period. In addition, there are spaces for individuals in weeks due to drop outs.

If you want to come diving, please just drop me an email. I have a list running in the background and will match people to spaces.

2020 Diary

Week noDateSpacesLocation
last diary update: 04/10/20

4211th - 16th October6 SpacesScapa
4318th - 23rd October6 SpacesScapa

I have a “reserve” list of folk who are interested in dates. It is worth dropping me a line and I can keep you in the loop.


Scapa Flow
Per head, catered live aboard£135per diving day
£800per week
Full charter (12 pax), catered live aboard£1350per diving day
£8000per week
Oxygen£0.025per litre
Helium£0.07per litre

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