2020 Booking


07/09/20 The Clasina is now back in Orkney having completed a successful Shetland season. Scapa Flow awaits!

At the moment weeks are becoming free due to divers from the continent being unable to travel without a quarantine period. In addition, there are spaces for individuals in weeks due to drop outs.

If you want to come diving, please just drop me an email. I have a list running in the background and will match people to spaces.

2020 Diary

Week noDateSpacesLocation
last diary update: 13/9/20

3920th - 25th September6 SpacesScapa
414th - 9th October12 SpacesScapa
4211th - 16th October6 SpacesScapa
4318th - 23rd October6 SpacesScapa

I have a “reserve” list of folk who are interested in dates. It is worth dropping me a line and I can keep you in the loop.


Scapa Flow
Per head, catered live aboard£135per diving day
£800per week
Full charter (12 pax), catered live aboard£1350per diving day
£8000per week
Oxygen£0.025per litre
Helium£0.07per litre

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