Booking Terms & Conditions

Please read the following carefully before sending a deposit and completing a Booking Form (and therefore agreeing to a charter). By sending a deposit and Booking Form you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.


A 25% deposit and completed Booking Form is required to confirm your booking with Halton Charters Ltd.

The booking form is online here:

This deposit is non refundable.

For all charters the balance of the charter price is payable three months in advance.

The preferred method of payment is by bank transfer. For BACS/online transfer, please get in touch to request bank account details. My preference is not to list these details on an open webpage for security reasons.

Credit Card payments can be accepted through PayPal – please get in touch to request.

Customer’s Responsibilities

Every person making a booking on behalf of a passenger or group of passengers confirms that he/she has the authority of that passenger and that each such passenger agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

A booking will be formalised by completion of a booking form online at the same time as a deposit payment:

One week prior to arrival, a covid form will be completed by each guest:

If as a group you are unable to honour a full charter and wish to take individual spaces instead then the booking should be altered no less than 10 weeks prior to the start of the charter. If any alteration to the original booking has not been made 10 weeks prior to the charter then the full balance will be payable.

Halton Charters Ltd will try their best to fill any additional spaces on you behalf if requested. Please keep me in touch if the group numbers start eroding: given time, I can often fill individual spaces.

Customers have been known, due to unforeseen circumstances, to cancel all or part of their diving holiday. This is not something Halton Charters Ltd can be held liable for and as such we recommend you take out holiday insurance which should cover your expenses in this eventuality. Therefore the price of your charter will not be refunded.

Skipper’s Responsibilities

Halton Charters Ltd reserve the right to vary the charter in any way we consider necessary due to adverse weather or any other conditions. Ultimate decisions regarding the safety of the vessel, and those on board rest with the skipper. The skipper will always endeavour to find suitable alternative/sheltered dive sites. Most bookings are for a week so lost dives can usually be caught up with within this time frame.

Charters are now from the Clasina.

The Clasina is fully insured to carry 12 passengers within it’s area of operation. Our insurance does not cover passengers who are away from the vessel or while engaged in diving activities. We do not accept responsibility for loss of, or damage to, passengers gear, property or valuables whilst onboard or in transit. With this in mind please ensure you have adequate holiday insurance cover.

COVID: moving forward

Halton Charters reacted to the advent of COVID in the 2020 season by breaking with the normal policy of non refundable deposits etc as a courtesy and as a way to maintain a goodwill with guests. This was reciprocated in kind, with groups being amenable to changes that would not ordinarily be accepted. The tolerance, patience and understanding shown by clients was deeply appreciated and has helped the company survive very difficult times.

Moving forward, the world has changed and the consequences of COVID are with us for the foreseeable future. Although unpredictable, the risks of making a booking are not unknown and Halton Charters is unable to carry the full risk associated with a lost charter due to a lock down etc.

This section seeks to define the booking process so that clear, simple decisions can be made of the associated financial risks to all parties. The Clasina is a commercial entity with a clearly defined payment process. At each stage there are obligations to all parties with a framework to ensure a successful path to protecting all parties on their way to a charter.

In simple terms, there are 3 boxes.

The first box is that controlled by me.

If there is a problem with the boat, the booking process or any other glitch that is thrown up by factors within my control, the onus is on me to refund all money paid (including deposit). This would include events such as boat breakdown, double booking etc.

The second box is controlled by you.

When you book the boat you make a promise to honour a sequence of payments in a defined time frame.  A deposit reserves a charter for you and ensures an obligation from me. Up until a deposit is paid, there is no obligation on either party to commit to any course of action.

Deposits are strictly non refundable.

A deposit payment is also a promise to make a second balance payment 3 months before the charter start date.

Whether you attend the charter is up to you. The obligation remains with you to make the promised payments.

It is strongly recommended that some form of insurance is taken to cover unforeseen eventualities.

The third box is things that are beyond either of our control.

This would include events related to COVID (with the notable exception being if the boat itself was in an area of lockdown or directly locked down and you yourself were able to travel etc).

Over the history of Halton Charters there have been multiple incidences of large scale events impacting charters (foot and mouth, volcanoes and so on). Simple commercial necessities mean that these factors cannot be underwritten by Halton Charters.

Again, some form of travel insurance is strongly recommended.

The 2020 season has had a significant financial impact on Halton Charters and reduced the ability to offer gestures of goodwill where these benchmarks are not met, as in the past. Hopefully by clearly defining the booking process, the risks can be understood by all parties and informed decisions made based on known limits.

Although constrained by commercial pressures, Halton Charters would not choose to be hard nosed about the booking process in the first instance. There is room for manoeuvre with discussion but know that the terms and conditions elaborated here are the acceptable limits in the first instance.

The reasons for this framework is simple. The majority of Halton Charter’s expenses are fixed costs and spent prior to the season. The boat will be certified, maintained, slipped, insured, manned and equipped in preparation for your charter. When you promise to attend a charter, I promise to supply a working boat. If you renege on that commitment, there is no option for me to ‘un-spend’ the money I spend in preparation for the charter.

General conditions

The skipper may refuse to carry any passenger or their luggage for any reason relating to the safety of the vessel and it’s passengers.

The skipper also reserves the right to refuse to carry any passenger who contravenes the diving regulations relating to the wrecks of the German Fleet. Halton Charters Ltd operates under a strict “look but don’t touch” policy in Scapa Flow. There will be zero tolerance of any artifacts recovery on the German High Seas Fleet or any other wreck protected under UK legislation.

Where artefact recovery is permissible under UK law, the authorities (ie the Receiver of Wreck) will be notified and the correct protocols followed. Even where permitted, Halton Charters would strongly advise the “look but don’t touch” policy to be adhered to.

If you need any further clarification on these Terms and Conditions then please do not hesitate to contact us. We reserve the right to alter these Terms and Conditions at any time.