2021 Booking


11/11/19 The centenary is just drawing to a close and so the time has come to start considering what to do in 2021

Please find here my dates and availability for 2021. At this early stage I anticipate this being a year to explore the Outliers including St Kilda. There are quite a few weeks set aside for these destinations so if it is on your bucket list, please feel free to drop me a line.   I try to keep this as up to date as possible so come back if your week is not free and see if the diary has changed. The diary is pretty empty at the moment so can be flexed if you have an ideas of your own, again feel free to get in touch

2021 Diary

Week noDateSpacesLocation
last diary update: 11/11/19
9/106th/7th March12SoM
10/1113th/14th March12SoM
11/1220th/21st March12SoM
12/1327th/28th March12SoM
13/143rd/4th April12West Coast
15/1617th/18th April12West Coast
1618th - 24th April12West Coast
1725th - 30th April12West Coast
182nd - 7th May12East Coast
199th - 14th May12East Coast
2230th - 1st June12East Coast
236th - 11th June12Outliers
2413th - 18th June12Outliers
2520th - 25th June12Outliers
2627th - 2nd July12Outliers
311st - 7th August12Outliers
328th - 13th August12Outliers
3315th - 20th August12Outliers
3422nd - 27th August12Outliers
3529th - 3rd Sept12Scapa
365th - 10th Sept12Scapa
3712th - 17th Sept12Scapa
3819th - 24th Sept12Scapa
3926th - 1st Oct12Scapa
403rd - 8th October12Scapa
4110th - 15th October12Scapa
4217th - 22nd October12Scapa
4325th - 29th October12Scapa
4531st - 5th November12Scapa
4614th - 19th November12Scapa
4721st - 26th November12Scapa

If there is a destination that you are considering not here, please get in touch to discuss.


Prices for 2021 to be confirmed. A charter week will be in the order of £10,000 fully catered for 12pax.

Please Note: Sound of Mull and West Coast weeks are fully catered. Scapa Flow is half board (breakfast and lunch only).

Please read our booking terms and conditions carefully before sending a deposit with booking form.

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