2021 Booking


Please find here my dates and availability for 2021. The thrust for next year is to explore the Scottish Outliers including St Kilda. The charters will be aboard the new boat Clasina, not the Halton.

Clasina has been designed from the outset with these expedition type charters in mind so we look forward to this new challenge.

It is impossible to predict what the situation will be in 2021 but hopefully there will be greater clarity as events unfold. The diary takes a great deal of advance planning and preparation so the framework is in place already but will be modified to take into account future national guidelines.

2021 Diary

Week noDateSpacesLocation
last diary update: 04/10/20
4514th - 19th November12Scapa
4621st - 26th November12Scapa

At the moment I am reserving weeks for folk who wish to make a booking and waiting until mid autumn to collect deposits. The impact of COVID and associated lockdown measures are now understood so I have reverted to the usual rules with deposits/balances etc.

Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in a week.


Prices for 2021 to be confirmed. A charter week will be in the order of £10,000 fully catered for 12pax.
Given the present Covid restrictions, it is impossible to predict future trading conditions so I have not set a final price yet. I will aim to set prices in line with present charter costs to maintain consistency where possible.
Charters will be aboard the Clasina in 2021.

Please Note: Sound of Mull and West Coast weeks are fully catered. Scapa Flow is half board (breakfast and lunch only).

Please read our booking terms and conditions carefully before sending a deposit with booking form.

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