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The Halton is a warm dry home for your week, a shelter between showers, a lounger in the sun and a place to have a laugh. Hopefully you will kick back your feet, lean back against the oak and unwind as the diving soothes your soul.

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On 21 June 1919, under the mistaken belief that peace talks had failed, Rear Admiral Ludwig von Reuter gave the command to scuttle the entire fleet in the Flow. The centenary of the scuttling will be commemorated with a range of events over the summer of 2019 making Orkney a very special place to be.

The MV Halton

With a well-equipped dive deck, diver’s lift and onboard compressor, the Halton has everything you need for an unforgettable time above and below the surface.

Built for comfort whatever the weather, the Halton’s main accommodation above deck comprises of the wheelhouse and a combined galley/saloon with seating for all the group around a central table.

Below decks are the cabins – six in total, two bunks each, with a shower and WC at the end of the corridor. In short, the Halton is your dive boat home-from-home.

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The MV Halton

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For those of you who have dived the E49...
Final job paint the deck. Then shower before bed. Fooook. Forgot. Now ice rated.


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DISgusting feet now look even worse. There is such a thing as a kettle, a sink and a cloot..

Gloss and polish


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Aaaah, there she is 😎

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