Bob Anderson – Skipper

Bob Anderson

Originally Bob came north to Orkney in 1993, attracted by the allure of Scapa Flow. He worked as a commercial diver for four years before becoming a dive boat skipper in 1998. After three years on other boats he finally took the plunge in November 2001 and bought the Halton.

I try to explore as much of the underwater world as I can and dive the places the boat visits myself too..

Bob is a diver too so hopefully can give a fairly accurate impression of what you are going to dive. Bob tries to dive most of the sites that he puts divers in for that very reason… certainly he has explored the vast bulk of the dives on his patch. Each summer generally sees the boat exploring a different neck of the woods. In 2015 the Halton bounced around the west coast of Orkney, round the Outliers and down to St Kilda. The flavour changed a little in 2016 with a Alesund start to Norway followed by a comprehensive Shetland summer. In 2017, the schedule widened with a detour to the Summer Isle while 2018 dawns on the promise of a summer in the Outliers.


  • RYA Yachtmaster Offshore ticket for 60nm off land
  • *New for 2016*, the sooperdooper Master 200t ticket!
  • MCA Boatmaster ticket for Scapa Flow
  • HSE Commercial Diver qualification
  • O level in Ceramics.


The boat has diving as its heart, driven by staff that are just as passionate about the underwater world as the guests. To help with the smooth running of trips, Bob stands on the shoulders of giants.


Hannah- Deck Hand

Hannah returns for another year aboard the Halton having cut her teeth in a busy 2017. At home in the wheelhouse as much as on the deck, Hannah is the rock that keeps the ship on a steady course. When nothing is too much hassle and with an expertise that runs deep, Hannah is fast becoming part of the oak.

Hannah starts the new season by growing her skills with an ART course in the chilly waters of Vobster in preparation for the depths of Norway. With her base on the Isle of Man, she is truly an islander with salt in her blood.

And whats more, we aboard the Halton are blown away that she has chosen to return. A boat is a better place with a Hannah aboard!


Rach- Galley slave

Many of you will have already seen Rach peering over the lip of the burger van in Vobster Quay where her culinary skills were woefully underused. Free from the flipping burgers, she can stretch her wings at last and soar to culinary heights.

She starts her diving season with a MOD1 and a new JJ ready to grow her diving skills over the busy year. Whether behind the Rayburn or under the water, Rach brings the best of the world to bear with her cheerful enthusiasm and easy chat. The Halton is chuffed to bits to have such a strong crew member aboard.





Campfire tales

A Halton night out in the wilds of Neave Island


The Halton is always on the lookout for the next generation of crew so if you think you have what it takes to thrive in this tough but rewarding environment, please drop me a line.


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