Go as far north as north can and you will end up in Shetland, the last outpost of the UK and more than 100miles north of the Scottish mainland. Here you can cross 60° North on the South mainland and still have several hours drive still to go before you go reach the top. These islands are at once beautiful, raw, beguiling, exposed, isolated but most of all, there for the exploration.

What better way to mark a diving career than to dive below Stevenson’s lighthouse on Muckle Flugga.

Shetland diving is…

A week is Shetland can be many things but the memory you will take away is of the rich variety of untouched sights in clear water that are teeming with life. Most of the wrecks are concentrated in the southern approach to Lerwick harbour. Further North sees the wreck of the E49, a submarine mined just outside Balta Sound. The west coast holds a wealth of scenic diving while the north just holds the crown for being at the end of the world. What better way to mark a diving career than to dive at the base of Stevenson’s light house on Muckle Flugga.


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Gwladmena: 60.138050, -1.151940
Glen Isla: 60.135000, -1.135000
Fraoch Ban: 60.137830, -1.042500
Lunokhods: 60.118079, -1.122322
Pionesk: 60.121115, -1.178970
E49: 60.736679, -0.797195
Jane: 60.642181, -0.943022
Tonis Chandris: 60.714602, -0.811615
Lerwick: 60.155326, -1.142685
Balta Sound: 60.758552, -0.837879
Symbister: 60.343600, -1.028252
Out Skerries: 60.422539, -0.751877
Giants Legs: 60.104013, -1.072197
Noss Head: 60.142329, -1.004648
Score Head: 60.193132, -1.068764
Murryfield: 60.009652, -1.184978
Cheerful: 60.017055, -1.205406
Sunniva: 59.999550, -1.160774
Braer: 59.888703, -1.357327
Goodwill Merchant: 59.994276, -1.341019
Steggies: 60.107056, -1.378098
Oceanic: 60.122452, -2.004318
Kame of Foula: 60.142542, -2.117872
Leonatus: 60.109807, -1.101894
Anglo Dane: 60.112116, -1.122150
Queen of Sweden: 60.145289, -1.135197
Burravoe: 60.496830, -1.042328
Hascosay Sound: 60.625158, -1.002331
Uyea: 60.687916, -0.905342
Out Stack: 60.861154, -0.874100
Muckle Flugga: 60.854550, -0.889549
Papa Stour: 60.339517, -1.740646
West Burrafirth: 60.296620, -1.539116
Papa Stour: 60.330274, -1.670094


A good week in Shetland…

Starts when you leave the ferry on the Sunday morning. First stop is one of the wrecks in the southern approaches to Lerwick followed by one of the shallower sites nearby. The start of the week normally involves a steam up to the northern islands such as Unst and Balta Sound. Wrecks along the way include the Jane, the E49 and the Tonis Chandris. A slow bimble south passes through Symbister on Whalsay, Out Skerries or maybe even Fetlar. Scenic sites dot the coastline too as the week draws to a close on the approach back to Lerwick. You will remember the Lunohods, the Pionersk, the Glen Isla, the Gwladmena, the Giants Legs, the cliffs at Noss and a whole bunch of sites, smells and memories that will take a while to fade.