Scapa Flow is the top wreck diving location of the northern hemisphere and home to the scuttled German High Seas Fleet. On the 21st June 1919 more than 70 ships, almost the entire German Navy, were scuttled under the orders of Admiral von Reuter. Isolated from any source of current news, he feared that the armistice negotiations would break down and took this drastic action rather than let the ships fall into British hands.

Today these wrecks lie between 20-50m below the surface, most in close proximity to the small island of Cava. Also dotted around Scapa Flow lie the remains of other ships, casualties of different circumstances. Being almost fully enclosed by a ring of islands, there is a sheltered site in Scapa Flow in almost all weather conditions: the diving season runs from March to November.

the top wreck diving location of the northern hemisphere and home to the scuttled German High Seas Fleet.

Diving Scapa Flow is…

Scapa has a reputation for being deep, dark and dangerous… the reality is very different – with such a varied range of sites almost all grades of diver can be catered for from novice to trimix. Often neglected are the scenic sites which match anywhere else in the UK.


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SMS Brummer: 58.899681, -3.152046
SMS Cöln: 58.897167, -3.140833
SMS Dresden: 58.875731, -3.137970
Stromness: 58.963431, -3.296193
Tabarka: 58.927246, -3.314095
Doyle: 58.926626, -3.311691
Gobernador Bories: 58.923746, -3.311176
SMS Markgraf: 58.889748, -3.171272
SMS Kronprinz Wilhelm: 58.890990, -3.168011
SMS Bayern: 58.897818, -3.187237
SMS König: 58.883361, -3.151703
F2: 58.845994, -3.192902
YC21: 58.844972, -3.193932
SMS Karlsruhe: 58.890192, -3.182688
James Barrie: 58.814542, -3.037205
Burray: 58.842441, -2.916012
Longhope: 58.800806, -3.205690
UB-116: 58.833193, -3.074455


A good week in Scapa Flow.

A weeks diving usually runs from Saturday to Saturday to fit in with the ferry timetable. The Halton is based in Stromness so is only a short walk away from the Hamnavoe. Diving starts Sunday morning and the choice of destinations is fairly flexible: the only real constraints are the times for slack water and the weather. The usual choice is for a deeper dive in the morning followed by something shallow in the afternoon. Surface intervals can be tailored to suit, and usually incorporates a stop off for lunch. The important point to stress is that all the arrangements are flexible and can be changed to suit individual requirements. For those that are new to the Flow, we are happy to advise the best plan of action but it should be possible to dive most of the German Fleet and Burra Sound in the week.