They say seven tenths of the worlds surface is covered by water so our playground as divers is a rich place indeed. We will never see it all but with a trip on the Halton, you will see many of the best bits. Dive, explore, discover. Come and see the horizon from underneath.

Many of these wreck pages are still being formed: the skeleton is there but the detail is yet to be fleshed. Keep an eye on the blog pages and I’ll keep you updated with updates as I proceed!


I know you know but just to be sure you know…!

  • Scapa is the top wreck diving location of the northern hemisphere and home to the scuttled German High Seas Fleet.
  • Shetland is ace because the water is clear, the wildlife prolific and the islands completely unique.
  • Norway has some of the most biggest, most well preserved WW2 wrecks in the world. This magnificent country is renowned for great visibility, awesome scenery and minimal currents.
  • Sound of Mull, gateway to the west coast of Scotland and built from all the best bits that God saved till last when he made the world!

Expedition Areas

Listed on the right are the main diving areas covered by the Halton. However, the boat will stray off piste and wander through the unexplored so if you have any ideas please feel free to get in touch. The list above is not exclusive and we will venture into other areas on request. Click on the links for detailed information about each site.